The Jessica Bethell Endeavour Award 2016- Middleham Primary

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A new award was created this year by the Foundation for Middleham Primary School and Spennithorne Primary School. This award, which will now be an annual award is named ‘The Jessica Bethell Endeavour Award’ and each year, one pupil from each of the schools will be nominated by the staff of the school. This award is not meant to reward academic achievement but to award an individual who has ‘trued their hardest’ all year. The winner gets to keep a silver trophy for the year and are also awarded a certificate. This years’ awards went to Chloe Sked from Middleham Primary School and Koren Baddon from Spennithorne Primary School. Chloe received her Award from James Bethell at an end of year service at St Mary & St Alkelda Chruch in Middleham. The school has forged a link with the Foundation over the last year and will be continue to be supported in the coming years.

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