Meningitis Research Report – Identification of proteins that can be used in a new MenB vaccine

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Final report for The Jessica Bethell Foundation: we are very grateful to The Jessica Bethell Foundation for their support and are pleased to report the study findings now that the project has concluded.


Bexsero is a vaccine which is used routinely in the UK to prevent Meningococcal group B (MenB) disease, and real-world evidence shows the vaccine is providing lasting protection for children, with cases of MenB in young children having reduced by 75% three years after the vaccine programme was introduced.

However, despite its use, MenB continues to cause cases of disease (meningitis and septicaemia), particularly in teenagers and young adults. This is because Bexsero is currently only routinely offered to infants in the UK, and it does not protect against all circulating MenB strains or prevent them from being carried in the back of the nose and throat and being transmitted. Therefore, there is a need

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